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Cracow Breakfast Experience

and your „must-taste Cracow ” list

Your trip to Cracow is already planned. You have a list of attractions to see, great place to stay in, and some places to spend time in. What about the food? Do you know that this city in Poland has a great potential, tradition and history of local trade and great ingredients from Małopolska region? Definitely to consider in your „Cracow list”.

Food is about experience

More and more people while traveling have their list of experiences to check and not only in my case many of them are about food. Different ingredients, fresh, traditional and loved by people in a country of origin, recommended to try and experience make us feel the magic of the region.

We also started to look for some story behind that, people who create it, emotions and senses.
If you want to experience some food in Cracow, you can add this to your own list:

Special 10:

Your special list of Cracow/małopolska region food experience:

  1. Cracow pretzel
  2. Krakowska and Lisiecka sausages
  3. Cheese, milk and butter from Skała
  4. Fishes: Trout from Ojców and Carp from Zator
  5. Cheeses from Podhale (smoked ewe’s milk cheese made in the Tatra Mountains)
  6. White „Jaś” beans
  7. Pishinger (cookie)
  8. Polish casserole (street food) in Kazimierz district
  9. Dumplings – polish Pierogi
  10. Maczanka Krakowska – traditional street food in Małopolska – like Pastrami in a polish style with sometimes with cabbage, pickled cucumber, onion, cummin. (You can see it here!)

You can also try some top restaurants from Have a Bite in Cracow list (some of them international) or top rank.

But, let’s start with a breakfast!

Especially if you are coming from the railway station and need some food just after your journey. You have 5 minutes to one of the places to check some of the product and experiences.

Just Look: 


Check also our menu and visit our place 🙂

Handelek’s history

Breakfast as a top moment of a day.

XIX century one of the Cracow merchants – Hawełka, listened to clients of his Deli Shop and opened a room for breakfast to make their clients have their meal just after buying fresh local food. It was 1893 when first place called „Handelek” (like – trade) was opened to people. Very quickly it started to be famous within Bohemians – Cracow cultural community. They used to eat there from the early morning till late hours.

Breakfast was served that way with champagne, beer and wine. Since that time tastes like traditional egg spread with herring, trout with anchois or chicken liver survive and are now redefined in Handelek. We add there some passion and love to Małopolska region and local ingredients like Liszki and Krakowska sausages, Cheese, milk, butter from Skała and seasonal vegetables. Many of recipes are from old cookbooks which owners loved to collect. Breakfast away and as a moment of celebration is not a new concept or trend. Handelek’s history and team are presented in this presentation (in Polish)

Let’s taste Cracow

Until September Hanelek has a special Cracow Breakfast experience menu. You will find it in Handelek:

The star of the menu is a sandwich composed from four components – bread from local bakery, spread (made from eggs, fish, meat or vegetables), main ingredient (like herring, sausage from Liszki region or beetroot) and add-ons like chives or onions. Some media really appreciated our concept and food:

If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact us ([email protected]) and followe our Facebook profile or Instagram. See you soon!